The internet has significantly altered our way of life. Today, screens—whether they be on a television, a mobile device, a tablet, a computer, or a laptop—rule our lives. We utilise one or more devices for practically all of our activities. As a result, there has been a change in customer behaviour. A change in consumer behaviour needs a revision of marketing plans. Because consumers can be easily targeted through digital marketing, it dominates marketing today. Kolkata is no exception to the high demand for qualified digital marketers in most major cities.

The major media organisation in Eastern India is Academy Of Digital Marketing, a fully owned subsidiary of Digiad Solution Pvt. Ltd. It has been developing industry-ready professionals for the media, communication, and entertainment industries since its founding in 2011. In addition to offering a variety of courses, CMI is well-known for its postgraduate diploma programmes in collaboration with IISWBM in:

  • Management of integrated marketing communications
  • television management.

Over the past two years, it has just offered new digital marketing courses. It provides postgraduate-level digital marketing training as an online course and a certification programme. The CMI's courses are divided into three categories:

  • diploma programmes for postgraduates.
  • specialised certificate programmes.
  • courses with short terms.
  • online education.

The following are some of the course's highlights from the Academy Of Digital Marketing:

Program Name

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Post Graduate Diploma, or PGDMM.
  • Professional Digital Marketing Certificate Program.
  • Online certificate programme in digital marketing.


  • The PGDMM is a two-semester academic curriculum.
  • Both in-person and online certification programmes are available.


  • The second semester of the PGDMM is dedicated to practical training and an internship. It is thorough training that is in-depth.
  • Eminent academicians and business experts make up the faculty.
  • The curriculum is divided into theory, practical lessons, and hands-on activities.
  • assignments and internships in the sector.
  • The Internet and Mobile Association of India is affiliated with the certification programmes, which are offered online and in classroom settings. Candidates receive practical instruction on the uses of digital marketing.
  • It has 12 lessons, a case study from the industry, and some homework assignments.
  • The PGDMM offers candidates the chance to do an internship.


  • The PGDMM helps applicants get ready for Google certification exams.
  • Students who successfully complete the certification courses and pass the final written exam are awarded a certificate of completion.

Contact details:


Address: Vasudeva Building, 1 Iswar Ganguly Street, Kolkata-700026

Call: 6290445044