According to some, YouTube is the modern-day equivalent of MTV. It's not a bad comparison, but MTV has never offered as much user-generated content as Google's video portal does. Although user-generated content is excellent, it might be challenging to spread the word about a recently released work. Fear not! There are numerous ways to let folks know that they should view your project. Here are some pointers on how to go about it.

It helps you to promote YouTube videos.

On social media

1. Pinterest

To post your video, use the website's video posting features. You might be shocked by the number of video hits this scrapbook-style website generates.

2. Twitter

Make a twitter account, then promote it throughout all of your websites. This makes it easier to share your projects with others and gives people a place to interact with you.

3. Google Plus

Many people use this social network in search of the next great thing, and it was once the punchline of many jokes. Make a profile and inform folks that your project is just that.

4. Facebook

Although if families and friends have taken over the site, it is still a fantastic way to share your work. Let an army of family and friends post about your project on walls all across the world.

5. MySpace

MySpace, once the social network industry's darling, is now concentrating on recreating itself. It is a good approach to get your project recognised by people in the know since it is home to many who avoid the more well-known social media platforms.

Tips specific to YouTube

6. Tagging 

Be mindful of the tags you are applying to the video. Use as many of them as you can after choosing them with great care. More often than most people think, tags are used to find new videos.

7. Like your own video, please

Even while it may appear self-serving, more likes assist generate interest in the video.

8. Make Playlists 

Your YouTube channel will look more structured with playlists. It also links users to earlier initiatives of which they might be unaware.

9. Avatar and Banner Image

Use the new profile photo and banner image capabilities to maintain the attractive appearance of your YouTube channel. A beautiful channel is appreciated by the audience.

10. Comment on further videos

Instead of making advertisements, participate in the YouTube community. This will encourage many people to look at your own work.


11. Compose a reflection on the project.

Blogging is often seen as being obsolete by many people. It's untrue! A lot of individuals would prefer to read a blog post over watching a video. There are a number of causes for that, but mobile data caps are helpful.

12. Make a Behind-the-Scenes video,

Several viewers have benefited from seeing behind-the-scenes videos to get to know a creator. These videos frequently feature sequences that come before the video.

13. Make a podcast

A simple strategy to gain attention for your YouTube project is to start a podcast. A microphone, a computer, and an audio editing programme are typically all you need. Moreover, podcasts can be posted as YouTube videos, so

13. Participate

Be willing to appear as a guest on other people's blogs, podcasts, and YouTube creations. This may introduce a fresh audience to your own work.

14.YouTube blogging

exactly as stated in the subtitle. blog, but with video. Several people enjoy reading, but others prefer watching, so make space for both.

15. Connecting the dots

Share all of your stuff on the different websites, blogs, and podcasts. Inform individuals that you have information available that they should watch.

Offline Marketing

16. Enterprise Cards

Always carry a stack of business cards with you. Make sure your business card has several ways to reach you. Include a reference to your YouTube channel on the cards.

17. Letterhead

Make a professional letterhead for yourself and your projects. Make sure to prominently display the YouTube URL for your channel.

18. Networking

Meet up with people that are attempting the same thing as you. Get to know them by going for a meal or a cup of coffee. Consider these people to be your coworkers rather than rivals. Discuss ideas with one another.

19. Don't forget the video

Everyone owns a mobile device with the ability to play full motion video. Show the people you meet a copy of your YouTube project that you brought with you.

20. Snail Mail 

Send a letter and a business card to someone if you want their attention.