Finding justifications for something so easy is foolish, isn't it? Until you understand the reverse is actually true. It's difficult to use YouTube effectively and get results. What possible justifications exist for maintaining a channel?

This is the reason we choose to examine the subject of starting to promote YouTube channel. While we continue to click the "like" button and sip tea, someone is basking in success, starting a new business, or travelling. If you're good with it and don't consider starting a YouTube channel, this is not a horrible situation. However, if you choose to, you may constantly doubt it and divert your attention with ideas that it will never materialise.

Then we ought to inspire you, right?

Reason 1: Personal growth and self-awareness

For fun, we are establishing a YouTube channel. As a result, we benefit greatly beyond just a fun activity. We go into the subject and discover even more intriguing and helpful information while looking for material and formulating plans.

In a few years, we evolve into true authorities who are able to mentor and develop others in addition to providing engaging information.

For people who feel themselves to be socially awkward, the YouTube channel is very helpful. Due to self-doubt and apprehension about receiving too much attention, these people try to interact with others as little as possible. We don't even bring up engaging in conversation with others. Many YouTubers become accustomed to their appearance, voice, and facial expressions when speaking in front of the camera. Your perspectives start to shift, and making touch with others gets simpler.

What benefits does YouTube offer?

  • Building communication abilities
  • self-expression in artistic creation
  • accepting who you are as a person
  • acknowledgment of your own knowledge
  • having fun performing your favourite task

The ideal venue for developing your hobbies, your self-acceptance, your ability to observe and change, and your social skills is YouTube.

2nd: Making money from your hobbies

This is a go-to choice for those who are afraid to launch a channel since they know it will be difficult to turn a profit. That's accurate. In order to succeed on YouTube, one must put in a lot of effort, which will eventually pay off.

Imagine being able to pursue your pastime while earning money. Although that may not sound strange today, ten years ago we would have said the same thing.

Kids who once only enjoyed playing computer games, wearing makeup, or combining Coca-Cola and M&Ms are now making enormous sums of money, expanding beyond video hosting, developing their own brands, or promoting themselves as artists. Video blogging is now developing into a legitimate source of money in addition to a chance for self-realization.

Finally, we are given...

  1. a large profit
  2. earning money from our pastime
  3. Possibility of growth in various directions
  4. Possibility of starting your own business
  5. a level of living you could only imagine

Popular YouTubers have already bought homes for themselves and their families, travelled to other nations, developed their own personal styles and brands, and had the chance to attend social events. To be like them, all you need to do is be motivated and work hard. Even if it can take a while, consider how long it took the best performers to reach their current position. Dreams come true, and anything is possible.

Reason 3: Notoriety and acclaim

The majority of channels are still made primarily for this reason, but success only comes to those who put in the effort and persevere. Money and fame are on roughly the same scale and are linked.

What helps us gain recognition? our possibilities. Realizing oneself in any area or facet, travelling to places you've always wanted to, and meeting people you could only have imagined. Did you know that young Russian YouTubers travel abroad on Google's dime to cover events, conduct interviews, and share their experiences at conferences?

They get the chance to attend important events and interact with celebrities since they are YouTube representatives from countries like Russia or the Ukraine. Of course, only the smartest and most well-liked people have access to this, but even so.

Do you feel you have no chance? There was probably a time when Katya Klep, Yan Gordienko, Sasha Spielberg, or Ivangai believed it.

What about your audience's affection and respect? You get respect, trust, and support when you encourage people to be innovative and grow.

Once more, what makes you famous and well-known?

  • Influence
  • New status and living standards
  • Your audience's love and confidence
  • pride in family members
  • fulfilling your most critical goals

Popularity isn't all that horrible. The most important thing is to keep your bearings and not get lost in all of this. You must maintain the ease and simplicity with which you began your first videos.

We believe that we have provided sufficient justification for immediate action. Absolutely.

Each justification stands alone as a starting point motivator. If you start to believe in yourself, put in enough effort, and under no circumstances do something that does not truly make you happy, you can accomplish a lot. Always keep in mind that is what YouTube is about.